Conditional distribution, here

Distribution, here

Combinatorial generators, here

Comparison of distribution test

Smirnov, here

Composed Distribution, here, here


Ali-Mikhail-Haq, here

Clayton, here

Composed copula, here

Estimation from a sample, here

Estimation from sample, here

Farlie-Gumbel-Morgenstern, here

Frank, here

Independent, here, here

Min, here

Mixture, here, here

Model Validation, here

Sklar, here


Correlation matrix of the Normal copula, here, here

Partial Pearson correlation coefficient (PCC), here

Partial rank correlation coefficient (PRCC), here

Spearman rank correlation matrix, here, here

Standard rank regression coefficient (SRRC), here

Standard regression coefficient (SRC), here

CSV file, here

Design of Experiments

Axial scheme, here, here

Box scheme, here

Combinations generator , here

Composite scheme, here

Drawing, here

Factorial scheme, here

Fixed design of experiments , here

K-permutations generator , here

LHS design of experiments , here

Mixed deterministic / random design of experiments , here

Monte Carlo design of experiments , here

Scaling, here

Scaling scheme, here

Translation, here

Translation scheme, here

Tuples generator , here


Bayesian, here

Conditional distribution, here

Kernel mixture, here

Marginals and copula, here

Random Mixture, here


Physical space, here

Standard space, here, here

Fitting Distribution

Kernel smoothing, here

Maximum likelihood, here

Parametric method, here, here

Fitting Test

Anderson Darling, here

ChiSquared, here, here

Cramer Von Mises, here

Henry line, here, here

Kendall-plot, here

Kolmogorov, here, here


Graph Manipulation

Bounding box, here, here, here, here, here, here

Show, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here

View, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here

Clouds of points, here

Empirical cumulative density function, here, here, here

FORM/SORM importance factors, here

Hasofer reliability index sensitivity, here

Pairs graph, here

PDF-CDF curves, here, here, here

PDF-CDF isocurves, here

QQ-plot, here, here, here, here, here, here

Regression linear model, here

Residual Regression linear model, here

Specifying the file format, here

Superposition empirical - kernel smoothed CDF, here

Superposition of graphs, here

Superposition two points clouds, here

Taylor variance decomposition importance factors, here, here

Independence Test

ChiSquared test, here, here

Pearson test, here, here

Spearman test, here, here

Limit State Function

Agregated funtion, here

Analytical formula declared in line, here

Composition, here, here

Dynamical Function, here

ExpertMixture, here

Function declarde in the script python, here

Gradient, here, here, here

Hessian, here, here, here

Linear combination, here

Reducing the initial limit state function, here

Low Discrepancy Sequences, here


, here

Optimization, here

Mixture, here

Numerical Math Function Manipulation

Dimension, here

Evaluation, here

Graph, here

History, here

Marginal, here


AbdoRacwitz, here

Cobyla, here

SQP, here

TNC, here


Distribution evaluation, here

Empirical estimation, here, here

Wilks estimation, here

Random Generator, here, here, here, here

Random Vector

Extracting a sub vector, here

Input random vector, here

Output random vector, here, here, here, here, here

Ranking test

BIC, here

Regression Linear Model

Adjusted R 2 test, here

Cloud sample - Line graph, here

Factory, here

Fisher test, here

Residual graph, here

Residual test, here

R 2 test, here, here

Response Surface

Kriging, here

Linear least squares approximation, here, here, here

Linear Taylor approximation, here

Polynomial chaos, here

Polynomial chaos expansion, here

Quadratic Taylor approximation, here

Sample Statistics

Cholesky factor, here

Covariance, here

Empirical quantile, here

Kendall's tau, here

Kurtosis, here

Min - Max, here

Moments evaluation, here, here

Pearson correlation coefficient, here, here

Rank - Sort functionnalities, here

Sample Generation, here

Skewness, here

Spearman correlation coefficient, here, here


Sensitivity Analysis

Cobweb graph, here

FORM probability, here

Hasofer reliability index, here

Min-Max, here

ANCOVA indices, here

FAST indices, here

Sobol indices, here

Stochastic Process

ARMA, here, here, here, here, here

Basics, here

Box Cox, here

Composite Process, here

Covariance Function, here

Covariance Model, here, here, here

Dickey Fuller, here

Event based on a process, here

Field, here

Functional Basis Process, here

Mesh, here

Monte Carlo based on process, here

Normal Process, here

Process Manipulation, here

Process Sample, here

Random Walk, here

Second Order Model, here

Spectral Density Function, here

Spectral Model, here, here

Stationary Covariance Function, here

Time Grid, here

Time Series, here

Trend computation, here

White Noise, here


Load, here

Save, here

Taylor variance decomposition , here

Threshold Probability

Directional sampling, here

FORM, here

History storage strategy, here, here

Importance sampling, here

LHS, here

Monte Carlo, here

Post analytical controlled importance sampling, here

Post analytical importance sampling, here

Quasi Monte Carlo, here

SORM, here

SORM Breitung, Tvedt, Hohenbichler, here

Strong Max Test, here

Usual Distribution

Usual distribution

Arcsine, here

Bernoulli, here

Beta, here

Binomial, here

Burr, here

Chi, here

ChiSquare, here

Dirac, here

Dirichlet, here

Epanechnikov, here

Exponential, here

Fisher-Snedecor, here

Gamma, here

GeneralizedPareto, here

Geometric, here

Gumbel, here, here

Histogram, here, here

InverseChiSquare, here

InverseGamma, here

InverseNormal, here

InverseWishart, here

Laplace, here

Logistic, here

LogNormal, here

LogUniform, here

Multinomial, here

Negative Binomial, here

Non Central Chi Square, here

Non Central Student, here

Normal, here, here, here

NormalGamma, here

Poisson, here

Rayleigh, here

Rice, here

Student, here

Trapezoidal, here

Triangular, here

Truncated distribution, here

TruncatedNormal, here

Uniform, here

User defined, here

Weibull, here

Wishart, here

Zipf-Mandelbrot, here

View Image, here

Wilks, here

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